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Welcome To Pristines


Pristine is European concept laundry. Earliest in its own with specialized and high technology imported from Europe. Its first time in India for dry cleaning industry, we have brought to you the cream of the crop to take proper professional care of your loving attires and robes. .As the word Pristine signifies we deliver clean, Fresh and spotless and immaculately clear garment comes after our complete 10 steps process.

We aim to delight the consumers at every step of the product ongoing process. Our promise of being only one in millions services signifies our commitment to each and every consumer that we value them and will do everything to make them feel special. We have built a dedicated team of service associates and invested substantially to train the team on technical and soft skills. Our motive is personalized attention and individual care at every level of the 10 step process for each and every garment that we deliver.


Our Eco-Friendly, antibacterial and deodorizing Dry Cleaning machines are programmed to treat garments with Extreme care in a clean and Hygienic Environment. We use the best steam presses in the world and innovative packaging material to preserve the quality and freshness of garments.

Though we are friendly with our guest but highly professional at our work


Our services are visible to every patron who walks into the store. PRISTINE believe in delivering the exact quality that we promise. You can be sure to receive honest appraisals and delivery dates for all our services.We ensure you that your garments are most safe and secure at PRISTINE.


1Hang your attire outside the wardrobe for at least two hours before placing it away.

2 Always cover the shoulders of your garments. You can cut away the bottom half of the plastic wrapping your garments arrive in from your dry cleaners leaving the top half to protect the shoulders.

3 Do not leave your garments completely covered as this will prevent the necessary air circulation.

4 Allow us to clean stained pieces as quickly as possible. Stains, if left unattended, may damage the fabric.

5 Never rub stains. Rubbing silk, wool or linen may result in permanent removal of the dye. This will make the stained area more pronounced after dry cleaning. Rubbing wool may cause piling.

6 You should instead use white absorbent paper towels on and under the stain to absorb as much impurity as possible.

7 Do not attempt to use white wine, soda, water or salt to remove the stain. This will make it difficult for us to effectively deal with the stain later. Always tell your dry cleaner what caused the stain and if any attempt has been made to remove it.